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Kankay 2.0 + Kankay Cover + BBQ Air Blower

Kankay 2.0 + Kankay Cover + BBQ Air Blower

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What's included in this combo?

Kankay 2.0 + Kankay Cover + BBQ Air Blower

Description - Kankay 2.0

This portable and completely disassembled grill made of 100% heavy-duty iron means cooking wherever you want to. The Kankay Grill is the barbecue you need to create special moments, experiences, and unforgettable wood-fired flavors. Perfect for camping, backyard barbecues, and long summer nights.

    • What’s in the Box
      • Iron Stocker (1)
      • Griddle (1)
      • Griddle Rack (1)
      • Cutting Board (1)
      • Adjustable Legs (3)
    • Product Details
      • Weight: 28 kg / 61.7 pounds 
      • Measures:  Ø 43 x 94 cm /  Ø 16.9" x 37"


Description - Kankay Cover

Our Kankay Cover is made of Bagún Fabric - waterproof, easy-to-clean, tear-resistant fabric with antifungal properties-

Description - BBQ Air Blower

This BBQ tool is design for grills and fireplaces.
As a poker, use it to spread the coals and move the firewood from a comfortable and safe distance.
To fan the fire, bring the tip of the poker to the center of the coal or firewood that begins to light, blow through the nozzle and the air will fan the flame.


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